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"Helping People Live Their Best Lives"


We aim to raise awareness by educating individuals, providing empowering opportunities for communities, and to eradicate mental health stigma. The network strives to support the mental health of people around the world. We believe that building mental health and wellness is a transformative process where we grow through introspection, self -reflection, and the pursuit of personal growth. At the Thrive Mental Health Network, we strive to inspire our global family to live their best lives.  Through our collaboration with 88.1thetruth.com, we are able to reach over 188 countries and millions of global listeners, especially underserved and marginalized communities of color.  The network will provide over 75 cyber radio and streaming television shows that focus on all the dimensions of wellness, with particular emphasis on mental health, wellness, and spirituality.  The shows target all different types of people from adolescents to people thriving at 80. The shows deal with all types of mental health diagnoses and everyday mental health challenges.  


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The Thrive Mental Network strives to educate individuals by raising awareness; providing empowering opportunities for communities; and eradicating mental health stigma.  In addition, the network will focus on the 8 dimensions of wellness.  The illustration below depicts the elements that contribute to a person’s overall health and wellness.  The challenging part is that people must work on multiple elements at the same time, in order to maintain optimal wellness.  The goal of the network is to have varying programming that will assist people in their discovery and work towards their personal wellness goals.  If you are interested in mental health therapy, from caring professionals, please contact Quantum Consulting Group.



Call in  EMPOWERMENT talk show with Dr. Cal (Dr. Cal Spinks, Ms. Ricki, & Pherren) on Mix 99/5.  This show reached over 200,000 listeners in the St. Louis Metro area. People call in and discuss what their current issues are and receive professional guidance on ways to enhance their life situations. (spinning bad situations into good ones, one life at a time). Please follow us every Sunday night @ 9pm CST .

"Time After Doing Time"

Cyber radio show focusing on issues pertaining on to living outside of incarceration.  Now that they are released, how do they navigate through a new life and a new label.

"Differently Normal"

 Impairment talk radio that focuses on dealing with having a disability and coping with challenges of daily living 

Coach Conversations

Empowerment Radio with Dr. Cal (Dr. Cal Spinks). People discuss what their current issues are and receive professional guidance on ways to enhance their life situations. (spinning bad situations into good ones, one life at a time)

Mental Health Hot Topics

Dr. Cal & Ms. Ricky with the Resources)

Current Affairs that are trending and important to our Community.  We delve into the topics that are trending and the mental health impacts behind those stories.

New Thrive Programming

The Snarky Therapist

Call in show where the therapist “keeps it real” and says the stuff that most people think but are afraid to say out loud.  Clinical critical analysis of what people are doing and what the need to do to promote growth.

Bookbags and Mental Health 

how that will focus on the mental health needs of folks in college or training programs.

Bully Radio

Show that focuses on elementary, middle school and high school students that are being bullied or dealing with the stress of fitting in.


Seasoned Living

Discussions around getting older and life changes after 40.        

Coming Out Talk Radio

Discussions about the coming out process and its impact on mental health 

Stop Painting Red Flags Green 

Show focused on creating and maintaining acceptable boundaries in new and/or established intimate relationships

Dating After 40

Navigating the dating scene when you have reached a time in life when other people have been in partnership for years. How to find intimacy in the age of social media and swiping right.


Smash Radio

Support for younger demographic with issues around dating and sex. Discussion around how mental health plays into why we have sex. 

Tea Time

Gay Men’s Mental Health issues and discussion 

Lez Talk

Discussions about lesbian mental health and issues that are important to the lesbian community. 

Throwing Shade

Discussions around how we within the LGBTQIA community negatively impact each other. The crabs in a bucket of the modern-day era.


Color Lines

Discussions about how race identity and how intersectionality impacts mental health.

Big Living

Discussions around goal planning and making your dreams reality.

Melanated Life

Politics, the police, and the black experience and its impacts on mental health 

Dirty Secrets

Discussion around taboo topics and stigma. i.e. molestation, rape, & culture


Hustle 101: Men, Money, Motherhood, and the Media

Discussions around the 4M’s of navigating everyday life as a woman.


Dr. Cal Spinks CEO/Founder

"Spinning Lives,

One Person at a Time"

Calvin E. Spinks Ed.D. is the CEO & founder of the Thrive Mental Health Network located in St. Louis Missouri. In addition, he is the Principal Investigator for a 2.5 million dollar implementation project focused on HIV prevention, substance abuse, & mental heath. In addition, he is an Affiliate Associate Professor at The Chicago School of Psychology and a Professor at Adler University and at Northwestern University. Furthermore, he completed my Ed.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from Argosy University Chicago.  In addition, he is a  radio personality/host of several cyber radio shows.

Carl Mackey

Artist, educator, activist, and humorist, Carl Wilde Mackey is the modern interpretation of a renaissance man.  Having worked with students at all levels of education, Carl focuses his energies on social justice issues such as access and closing achievement gaps, as well as issues of diversity, inclusion and equity in educational spaces.  As an activist and champion of LGBTQA issues, he has been involved in queer youth development, HIV prevention education, and mental health issues for Queer people of color for over two decades.  He facilitated the men’s groups Harambe Jahard and Imani Umoja on behalf of the Illinois Cook County Health Department as a certified peer counselor and served as the president of OutEd.

Pherren Lewis B.A.

Pherren Lewis B.A is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  Pherren has over 15 years of experience being responsible for the financial decision-making that affected several fortune 500 companies. At Thrive, he provides strategic financial input to senior management, while overseeing the overall accounting processes.  He also plays a key role in developing and implementing financial procedures to improve and maintain the financial health of the Thrive Network. In addition, he is a radio personality/host of several cyber radio shows.

Jamie Foster

  Jamie Henderson is a Community Resources Consultant who assists others to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to enable people to meet their personal and professional needs.  She also has over 10 years of developing the necessary community bridges, supports, and housing that enable individuals, their friends, and their families to fully participate in, benefit from, and thrive in the mainstream of community life with the assistance they desire and need.  In addition, she is a radio personality/host of several cyber radio shows.

Lynn Zollicoffer M.A.

Lynn Zollicoffer is a Mental Health Clinician and QMHP.  Lynn has over has over 15 years of counseling, industry and human service experience. She combines her clinical counseling expertise with her business knowledge to offer clients a unique perspective of problem solving. Her clinical experience includes outpatient settings, substance abuse clinics, at-risk adolescent group homes, family services agencies and LGBTQIASGL empowerment centers. Specialties include depression, anxiety, substance abuse, job-related difficulties and career related issues, individual/personal coaching, life transitions, employee assistance and LGBTQIA issues.

   Dr. Martha Singleton Ed.D, L.C.P.C, & NCC

Dr. Martha Singleton is a licensed therapist and counselor educator with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Her primary areas of interest are racial identity development, social justice & inclusion, and body positivity. Dr. Singleton is committed to helping others realize that they are capable, lovable, and worthy despite the contradictory external messages received from family, peers, and systems.

 Steven Fields M.A.

Steven J. Fields is a Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor providing services at the WPTCares empowerment Center. Counselor Fields was awarded a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree with an emphasis in Clinical Mental Health Counseling by the University of Missouri-St. Louis in December of 2012.  He was designated as a Nationally Certified Counselor in 2014.  He brings a broad experience base to the CWP related to providing 1) psychotherapy, 2) mental health assessments, and 3) crisis management, and 4) conducting behavioral interventions in addition to coordinating sexual health and wellness program for young gay and bisexual men of color. Counselor Fields addresses diversity, multicultural competence, and spirituality in structuring his provision of mental health services to African American MSM populations by integrating the subfields of cultural, ethnic, and sexual minority psychologies to adapt mainstream psychology to promote healing and growth.  Other areas of competence include masculinity, sexuality, and critical theory.  He has given multiple workshops and presentations to other health care providers on how to provide counseling to LGBT youths in the Metropolitan St. Louis area.

   Dr. Lyz Amarillo, Ed.D, L.C.P.C., & CADC

Dr Lyz Amarillo, obtained her Doctorate Degree in 2014, but has been providing care to individuals since 2005. She has had an array of experience working in community mental health, higher level of mental health care, domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health crisis management, severe chronically ill and with geriatric individuals.  She has taught at various universities and colleges in the Chicagoland area, as an adjunct professor. She continues to supervisor novice counselors and social workers.

Her teaching philosophy reflects her interested and the importance of collaborative authorship. She prefers a client-center/student-centered approach that encourages learning from each other. She is a firm believer in creating dialogue around any issue or complication. She finds interesting ways to enhance the understanding of mental health with others. One of her goals is to bring mental health awareness to all people, in order to decrease the stigma of mental health and for individuals to stop suffering in silence. She is modest in her achievements and is always eager to learn and find solutions to concerns.

 Paris Jackson L.C.P.C. & M.A. 

Paris Jackson is a native of the metro area and completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at Western Illinois University and Lindenwood University. She currently holds master’s degrees in the fields of psychology and counseling respectively. Her employment history includes working in the fields of education, counseling and social service. Her involvement in the field of HIV/AIDS care and prevention began during her employ with the St. St. Louis Metropolitans Center of HIV/AIDS Services.  From there, she went on to become the Program Manager of HIV/AIDS Prevention with the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, while there; she began her work with the African American AID Alliance as their community liaison.  Additionally, she was elected as a regional representative for the St. Louis HIV/AIDS Regional Advisory Committee. Upon leaving her position with the Urban League. Ms. Jackson continued her involvement with the African American AIDS Alliance and accepted the position as community co-chair. Currently, Ms. Jackson carries both a national and local certification in the field of counseling and works as a therapist with an area hospital providing therapeutic services to in the metro-east and has been the facilitator of the Women’s Group since 2011.  

  Digital Diamonds

During his formative years he began to learn about different topics surrounding spirituality and mental science.  His goal is to help engage in a holistic integrated, and systematic "inner spirituality process", also to find their path, their practices, and the answers to  their deepest questions.  His main purpose is to assist people in accessing their inner resources in order to develop ac more conscious choice in their lives, and thereby foster the potential growth in their evolution of consciousness.   

Thomas Chatman Sr. M.A.

Thomas’ training and education have been in the fields of elementary education, psychology, counseling, and public administration. His professional experience includes holding positions as elementary school teacher, guidance officer, department manager, program manager, lead counselor, deputy director, executive advisor, psychology professor, minister, and counselor. Additionally, he conducts motivational seminars on a various self-improvement topics and does life coaching for individuals and families. Thomas is currently the coordinator for the Counseling and First Year Success departments at Tidewater Community College in Norfolk Campus. In this role, he works closely with students to ensure they have a successful first year and are retained through graduation. He is also involved in various student success initiatives including mentoring African American males, establishing a food pantry, providing basic computer skills training to new and prospective students, mobile advising, school supply drives, and student support groups. 

  Hezekiah Williams III

  Hezekiah Williams III is a Prevention Specialist at Project Stop STL. In his line of work , he provides services for Black same gender loving men and Trans women of color. His goal is to reach excellence within his community with the help of mental health counseling , peer group activities and HIV/STD prevention and care. With my great character of being a loyal friend, a lover, big brother, cousin , uncle and a father who cares, he know he can accomplish success.   

 Kijana Taylor M.A.& LCSW

Kijana Taylor was born in San Francisco and raised in Seattle WA. Kijana obtained her Bachelors from Tuskegee University and Masters from Washington University in St. Louis. Kijana has resided in St. Louis, MO for more than ten years and received her LCSW while working at a Level 1 Trauma Hospital in ST. Louis City. Kijana currently works full time at a Managed Care Community in the Behavioral Health Department allocating services for those impacted by mental health and substance abuse issues.  Kijana has a passion and has dedicated her career to helping those populations most disenfranchised in the community including: Mental health and Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS etc. In her personal life Kijana stays in tuned to those issues affecting her community: police violence, criminal justice reform, women’s rights, and health disparities of people of color. Kijana has been married for five years and enjoys spending time with her husband, frequenting family on the West Coast and staying committed to a healthy lifestyle for an optimal quality of life. 

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General Sponsors are recognized as individuals or corporate entities that have contributed greatly to the financial operation of the network. As a General Sponsor , you would receive periodic mentions on the network’s programming and will be highlighted on the Thrive website.

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“This network is so helpful and provides awesome information. I'm so excited to see where the journey goes."

- Cynda, St. Louis, MO.

I have always struggled with depression and self-esteem issues.  I will probably have to work for the rest of my life to stay healthy.  Nevertheless, I truly appreciate thrive and the assistance that I have been afforded.  My life has been changed."

- Miriam, Reno, NV.

“I had to write and share my thoughts about the network.  It's a blessing to have a safe place to have difficult conversations. This network is needed in my community of people who often do not feel heard"

- Darius, Chicago, IL.


Depression is getting out of hand!

In everyday society, we face so many struggles and challenges.  If you really think about it, it’s amazing that some of us really ever get out of the bed.  The constant barrage…

Thrive Gallery


Our network was formed by a group of highly trained and compassionate professionals with the hopes of assisting individuals and communities with the transformative process of introspection, growth, and the pursuit of personal goals.  While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life. If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals. Please call or email today and watch our programming.